Explorer Collective select the items which carries the background of "AMERICA" as a key word.

Explorer Collective is the concept shop extended by Explorer. They select the items which carries the background of "AMERICA" as a key word. They also collect the brands and items having the origin in America. Those brands and items are based on the original military or work wear. They offer the authentic MENs wear that has minimally designed by the reason for people's life style, for example the shape of the pocket. Also, they introduce promptly the new brand from the US by visiting the local city and town. There are many brands which are not yet known in Japan and can be the first attempt or marketing in Japan. The goal of Explore Collective is to make the shop for customers, from the young generation to the people who love the American casual, to comfort and enjoy.

Adress 1-2401, Konosu, Tempaku-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 468-0003, Japan
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所在地 名古屋市天白区鴻の巣1-2401