KEATON CHASE U.S.A. is the American shirts brand which is manufactured at the old shirts-factory in the countryside of Boston, Massachusetts, US.

It produces the button-down shirts with the single needle that is the one of the signature details of the good old days American shirts.

Although it is the time to make something more rational, KEATON CHASE U.S.A. is the rare brand to keep spending time and effort on the single needle sewing.

Such a carefully made shirt is the authentic for the pride in made-in-US and being loved any period of time. Having a background of the varieties of materials are rare used for the American dress shirts is also the attractive point of this brand. The standard oxford and chambray shirts are the most popular and regularly worn by any generations.

アメリカはボストン郊外に建つ老舗のシャツファクトリーで生産されるKEATON CHASE U.S.A.。

旧き良きのアメリカのシャツの象徴的なディテールともいえる シングルニードルのボタンダウンシャツを生産。